Frankel runners :

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
Alfawaris 2014cKareemah3Peintre CelebreMaiden Stakes17 Sep 2016
Alfawaris 2014cKareemah3Peintre CelebreMaiden Stakes19 Oct 2016
Aljezeera 2014fDynaforce1DynaformerMaiden Fillies' Stakes13 Aug 2016
Aljezeera 2014fDynaforce3DynaformerFillies' Trial Stakes L.20 May 2017
Atty Persse 2014cDorcas Lane1Norse DancerMaiden Stakes14 Sep 2016
Atty Persse 2014cDorcas Lane1Norse DancerEsher Cup Handicap (0-100)28 Apr 2017
Brooklyn Bobby 2014cBalance2Thunder GulchMaiden Special Weight18 Feb 2017
Brooklyn Bobby 2014cBalance2Thunder GulchMaiden Special Weight11 Mar 2017
Brooklyn Bobby 2014cBalance2Thunder GulchMaiden Special Weight09 Apr 2017
Commander 2014cModel Queen2KingmamboMaiden Stakes22 Apr 2017
Count Octave 2014cHonorine3Mark Of EsteemMaiden Stakes09 Oct 2016
Count Octave 2014cHonorine1Mark Of EsteemMaiden Stakes28 Mar 2017
Cracksman 2014cRhadegunda1PivotalMaiden Stakes19 Oct 2016
Cracksman 2014cRhadegunda1PivotalInvestec Derby Trial (Conditions Race)26 Apr 2017
Cunco 2014cChrysanthemum1Danehill DancerMaiden Stakes13 May 2016
Cunco 2014cChrysanthemum3Danehill DancerChesham Stakes L.18 Jun 2016
Cunco 2014cChrysanthemum3Danehill DancerAscendant Stakes L.03 Sep 2016
Cunco 2014cChrysanthemum2Danehill DancerZetland Stakes L.08 Oct 2016
Cunco 2014cChrysanthemum1Danehill DancerClassic Trial Gr.328 Apr 2017
Dream Castle 2014cSand Vixen1DubawiMaiden Stakes02 Apr 2017
Dream Castle 2014cSand Vixen2DubawiGreenham Stakes Gr.322 Apr 2017
Eminent 2014cYou'll Be Mine1KingmamboMaiden Stakes22 Sep 2016
Eminent 2014cYou'll Be Mine1KingmamboCraven Stakes Gr.320 Apr 2017
Extra Mile 2014fMarie De Medici2MediceanMaiden Fillies' Stakes01 May 2017
Fair Eva 2014fAfrican Rose1ObservatoryNovice Fillies' Stakes08 Jun 2016
Fair Eva 2014fAfrican Rose1ObservatoryPrincess Margaret Juddmonte Stakes Gr.323 Jul 2016
Fair Eva 2014fAfrican Rose3ObservatoryLowther Stakes Gr.218 Aug 2016
Fair Eva 2014fAfrican Rose2ObservatoryRockfel Stakes Gr.223 Sep 2016
Fashion Business 2014gIcon Project2Empire MakerMaiden Stakes14 Jan 2017
Fashion Business 2014gIcon Project1Empire MakerMaiden Stakes27 Jan 2017
Fashion Business 2014gIcon Project3Empire MakerAllowance Optional Claiming ($75,000)18 May 2017
Favola 2014fGoodwood March2FoxhoundMaiden23 Apr 2017
Finche 2014cBinche1WoodmanPrix du Dragon14 May 2017
Flora de Mariposa 2014fJeu de Cartes1StravinskyMaiden14 May 2017
Franked 2014cTarocchi3AffirmedPrix Pharel19 Sep 2016
Frankuus 2014cDookus1LinamixNovice Stakes09 Jun 2016
Frankuus 2014cDookus3LinamixPat Eddery Stakes (Winkfield Stakes) L.23 Jul 2016
Frankuus 2014cDookus1LinamixAscendant Stakes L.03 Sep 2016
Frankuus 2014cDookus1LinamixPrix de Conde Gr.308 Oct 2016
Frankuus 2014cDookus3LinamixClassic Trial Gr.328 Apr 2017
Frima 2014fKalima3KahyasiMaiden30 Apr 2017
Harba 2014fKirinda3Tiger HillMaiden Fillies' Stakes03 May 2017
Icespire 2014fQuest To Peak1Distant ViewMaiden Fillies' Stakes10 Oct 2016
Icespire 2014fQuest To Peak2Distant ViewFillies' Conditions Stakes03 May 2017
King's Advice2014cQueen's Logic1Grand LodgePreis des Immobilien-Center25 May 2017
Lady Frankel 2014fLady Vettori1VettoriPrix Calandria19 Mar 2017
Lady Frankel 2014fLady Vettori3VettoriPrix de la Grotte Gr.316 Apr 2017
Last Kingdom 2014cCompelling2KingmamboPrix de la Ville de Vauville (Prix Matahawk)09 Jul 2016
Last Kingdom 2014cCompelling2KingmamboPrix Guemul09 Sep 2016
Last Kingdom 2014cCompelling1KingmamboPrix Good Luck10 Apr 2017
Lightening Fast 2014cLightening Pearl2MarjuMaiden01 Aug 2016
Lightening Fast 2014cLightening Pearl1MarjuHandicap24 Apr 2017
Majoris 2014cDrops1KingmamboMaiden Stakes05 Jul 2016
Majoris 2014cDrops1KingmamboNursery Handicap (0-85)06 Aug 2016
Mi Suerte 2014fMi Sueno1PulpitNewcomer24 Sep 2016
Mi Suerte 2014fMi Sueno1PulpitFantasy Stakes Gr.305 Nov 2016
Middle East 2014fRose Bonheur2Danehill DancerPrix du Soissonnais10 Mar 2017
Middle East 2014fRose Bonheur1Danehill DancerPrix Balbonella10 Apr 2017
Mirage Dancer 2014cHeat Haze1Green DesertMaiden Stakes21 Oct 2016
Monarchs Glen 2014cMirabilis2Lear FanMaiden Stakes21 Sep 2016
Monarchs Glen 2014cMirabilis1Lear FanMaiden Stakes09 Oct 2016
Monarchs Glen 2014cMirabilis1Lear FanHandicap (0-90)12 Apr 2017
Mori 2014fMidday1Oasis DreamMaiden Fillies' Stakes12 May 2017
Mori 2014fMidday1Oasis DreamHeight of Fashion Stakes L.25 May 2017
Musikel 2014gMusical Treat1Royal AcademyMaiden Stakes24 Mar 2017
Musikel 2014gMusical Treat3Royal AcademyClassified Stakes (0-70)23 May 2017
Omneeya 2014fAmanee3PivotalMaiden Fillies' Stakes21 Apr 2017
Oshayger 2014cZagora3Green TunePrix du Mont Cenis16 Apr 2017
Oshayger 2014cZagora2Green TunePrix du Bois Renard07 May 2017
Queen Kindly 2014fLady Of The Desert1RahyNovice Stakes03 Jun 2016
Queen Kindly 2014fLady Of The Desert3RahyAlbany Stakes Gr.317 Jun 2016
Queen Kindly 2014fLady Of The Desert1RahyFillies' Novice Stakes13 Jul 2016
Queen Kindly 2014fLady Of The Desert1RahyLowther Stakes Gr.218 Aug 2016
Quiet Star2015fQuantify3Giant�s CausewayPremio Vital Class 200514 May 2017
Rise Eagle 2014cRose of Summer3El PradoMaiden29 Apr 2017
San Remo 2014cRosie's Posy1Suave DancerHandicap12 Apr 2017
San Remo 2014cRosie's Posy2Suave DancerHandicap30 Apr 2017
Senator 2014cRed Bloom1SelkirkMaiden Stakes27 Jul 2016
Senator 2014cRed Bloom1SelkirkNovice Stakes17 Aug 2016
Seven Heavens 2014cHeaven Sent1PivotalMaiden Stakes08 Jul 2016
Seven Heavens 2014cHeaven Sent1PivotalConditions Stakes30 Aug 2016
Seven Heavens 2014cHeaven Sent3PivotalEuropean Free Handicap L.19 Apr 2017
Seven Heavens 2014cHeaven Sent3PivotalKing Charles II Stakes L.20 May 2017
Soul Stirring 2014fStacelita1MonsunNewcomer31 Jul 2016
Soul Stirring 2014fStacelita1MonsunIvy Stakes22 Oct 2016
Soul Stirring 2014fStacelita1MonsunHanshin Juvenile Fillies Gr.111 Dec 2016
Soul Stirring 2014fStacelita1MonsunThe Tulip Sho Gr.304 Mar 2017
Soul Stirring 2014fStacelita3MonsunThe Oka Sho (Japanese 1000 Guineas) Gr.109 Apr 2017
Soul Stirring 2014fStacelita1MonsunThe Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) Gr.121 May 2017
Straight Shooter 2014cStraight Lass1MachiavellianPrix Pas de Deux01 May 2017
Swiss Storm 2014cSwiss Lake1Indian RidgeMaiden Stakes17 Sep 2016
The Grand Visir 2014cPiping1MontjeuMaiden Stakes03 May 2017
Touch Of Paradise 2014fRamruma3DiesisMaiden Stakes04 Jan 2017
Toulifaut 2014fCassydora1DarshaanPrix de la Ville de Saint-Arnoult (Prix Vale)09 Jul 2016
Toulifaut 2014fCassydora1DarshaanPrix de l'Augeron14 Aug 2016
Toulifaut 2014fCassydora1DarshaanPrix d'Aumale Gr.308 Sep 2016
Uae King 2014cZomaradah2DeployMaiden Stakes12 May 2017
Weekender 2014cVery Good News1Empire MakerMaiden Stakes06 Apr 2017
Westerland 2015cArabesque2ZafonicMaiden Stakes19 May 2017
Wishing Time 2014fBeyond Desire3Invincible SpiritMaiden Stakes30 Mar 2017
Wishing Time 2014fBeyond Desire1Invincible SpiritHandicap (0-60)12 Apr 2017
Yaraki 2014fSuperstar Leo1College ChapelMaiden Fillies' Stakes13 May 2017
Zefferino 2014cTurama2PivotalMaiden Stakes05 Aug 2016
Zefferino 2014cTurama1PivotalMaiden Stakes12 May 2017

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Frankel Facts

The 'Frankel factor' saw a record first day attendance at the Ebor Festival on 22 August 2012, when a total of 30,163 racegoers turned up to see Frankel in the Juddmonte International - 55% more people than on the same day in 2011. The attendance eclipsed the previous best for an opening day of the festival back in 1989, when just over 23,000 racegoers were present.