Maryjo's poem 
impressed us, you could tell it was very well thought through and was a very passionate depiction of Frankel.

Poetry competition - results

Thank you to all the entrants of our poetry competition, we were incredibly impressed with the quality of all the entries and loved reading them.

Congratulations to Maryjo Jackson (age 13), the winner of the competition! Maryjo's poem really impressed us, you could tell it was very well thought through and was a very unique, passionate depiction of Frankel. Maryjo wins a visit for four people to see Frankel at his home plus a Breyer model of Frankel and gift bags. 

Also a very well done to our fantastic runners up (in no particular order) Millie Payne (aged 15), Ciara Reilly (aged 14) and Louis Monroe Jennings (aged 5), each producing entertaining, imaginative poems. We hope these runners up enjoyed receiving their own Breyer Frankel model.   

Maryjo Jackson (aged 13)

The crowd is gathered to cheer you on,
as you thunder down the track,
the best racehorse in the world is you,
Tom Queally on your back.

The most beautiful thoroughbred racehorse,
that we have ever seen,
as a youngster quite difficult,
some might say very keen.

But you have grown in front of us,
and now we realise,
how lucky we have all been,
to have a star shine in our eyes.

Your career seemed so fast,
and it was coming to an end,
one final mission to conquer,
what other champions will they send?

The final farewell race,
but you were slow out of the gate,
our hearts were in our mouths,
would a loss be your last fate?

Cirrus Des Aigles was going strong,
but we know your invincible,
and you showed the whole world why,
you can't beat the unbeatable.

Your yesterday, today and tomorrow,
as your legend will live on,
with your foal's hooves on the ground,
we won't await another champion for long.

Millie Payne (aged 15)

Frankel the unbeaten,
Frankel the great,
Frankel the thoroughbred,
Unbelievably first rate.

His stride and his canter,
His strength and his pace,
Cannot be faulted,
As he won every race!

He won fourteen races,
What achievements he gained!
Don’t forget Warren Place
Where by Sir Henry Cecil he was trained!

Frankel the ferocious,
Frankel the fast,
Never would you hear,
‘Frankel’s come last!’

Henry, what a man,
What a legend, what a trainer,
Although now he’s sadly gone,
His excellence was a no brainer! 

‘Go Frankel’
People yelled, whenever he raced,
No matter where or when,
He defeated the challenges he faced.

Frankel the magnificent,
Frankel the grand,
Him having such brilliance,
No one could have planned!

Three years of racing bliss,
Oh how everyone was amazed,
But dear old Frankel,
Was never once fazed.

He’s a beauty, he’s a gem,
His greatness is a mystery,
But one thing’s for certain,
He’ll be remembered forever in horse-racing history!

Frankel the unbeaten,
Frankel the great,
Frankel the thoroughbred,
Unbelievably first rate.

Ciara Reilly (aged 14)

The Wonder Horse

As the stall gates opened one August day,
Four white feet emerged and came thundering down the straight,
A win awarded, thirteen more await,
A phenomenon created that summer’s day,

Trained to perfection by a master sadly no longer here,
Unbreakable, untouchable, truly breathe taking,
A legend in his sphere,

Many came from far and near to see the star win once more,
As he did in all fourteen blew them away,
A racing machine

As his last race dawned and the stud barn called,
A new era created what it will be still unknown,

As we all waited for that first foal,
Questions still remained answer still not known,
How good they will be or even good at all,
Time will tell if the next legend has been born

This why he is so special to me,
I am lucky to have seen this racing machine,
The best in the world to me and you,
Frankel is simply unique.

Louis Monroe Jennings (aged 5 years)

Frankel is the fastest,
Frankel wins the race,
Frankel's got a white mark,
on his face,
faster than a rocket,
faster than a race car,
Frankel is the best,
like a shooting star.

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Frankel Facts

His shoe size is 7.5 inches in front and 7 inches behind.